A petition to consider


To: The Honorable __________________________

Representative, United States House of Representatives

Washington, D.C.


We, the undersigned constituents, urge you as our Representative to the United

States House of Representatives, to work for the funding and changes set forth in the

following petition:


We hereby petition the House of Representatives of the United States, pursuant to its constitutional duty as set forth in Article II of the Constitution, to stop funding the war in Iraq and start funding the peace in Iraq, and to that end, to do the following:


1. Do not fund any increase in troop strength.


2. Fund and support a definite plan for an immediate start to the withdrawal of troops, to be completed by June, 2008.


3. Fund and support a regional peace conference to include Iran and Syria, to help Iraq resolve its sectarian strife, establish stability, and rebuild its economy and infrastructure.


4. Fund and support reparations to Iraq, with contracts for rebuilding going primarily to Iraqi firms using Iraqi workers, mirroring the Marshall Plan that rebuilt Europe after World War II.


5. Fund and support increased efforts to bring peace to Israel and Palestine, establishing an independent and economically viable Palestinian state and a secure and safe Israel.


6. Fund and support a full scale program for U.S. energy independence, developing renewable sources of energy with the same level of commitment that the U.S. gave to the Manhattan Project.


In conclusion: We are not na´ve. We fear there will probably be widespread violence once U.S. troops leave. However, we are convinced the number of senseless deaths will remain high if we continue with the current policy or increase U.S. troop numbers. We hope that U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq will mark an end to a foreign policy of dominance, and a renewed commitment to collaborating with all countries to make this a truly more just and peaceful world.




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cc: Hon Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives; Hon Barbara Boxer, United States Senator for California; Hon Diane Feinstein, United States Senator for California